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Our passion is making our busy executives' travels extraordinary. Making our clients feel safe and cared for at all times in order to deliver the greatest experiences.

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With over a decade of experience in the travel industry, Blueberry Travel is proud to announce this. We've had an incredible experience that has enabled us to forge solid bonds with numerous businesses. We provide our clients with the best-customized packages and additional benefits available on the market thanks to our ten years of experience. With the appropriate comprehension and expertise, our staff provides clients with customized travel options. Our team's seasoned members will collaborate with you to make sure all of your travel requirements are satisfied. We will support you every step of the way, regardless of how or where you find us. All types of travel requirements can be satisfied by our knowledgeable departments for Business Trips, Holidays, Cargo, Visas, MICE, Luxury, and walk-ins.

Additionally, we are always searching for fresh and cutting-edge technology solutions to help us optimize our operations and provide our clients with faster and more efficient services. Our ability to remain at the forefront of the travel business and provide our clients with the best possible travel experience is a result of a combination of sound financial management, human capital investments, and state-of-the-art technology. Select Blueberry Travel for your upcoming trip, and let us handle every aspect of your voyage.

Corporate Travel Solutions

with a Concierge Touch

Solutions for Business Travel with a Gourmet Touch

Blueberry has a staff of smart, committed travel professionals who can handle any kind of travel situation, no matter how difficult or unusual, around the clock. With the help of First in Service Travel's worldwide expertise, Blueberry is able to plan and reorganize anything. With the help of this white-glove service, business travel stress is removed, enabling workers to give their whole attention to their work.
Our clientele includes small and mid-sized companies as well as entrepreneurs who don't have the manpower or resources to handle their travel plans or create travel guidelines. Realizing that time is money, Blueberry Travel steps in to provide the answer. Even though your team could manage reservations and bookings for flights, would the expense justify the strain on your employees and the resulting increase in travel expenses? Undoubtedly not. Blueberry Travel considerably reduces the strain on internal resources and travel expenditures. Choosing our corporate travel experts is a wise decision that your business won't regret.

It's a choice you'll regret not making sooner: assigning Blueberry to handle all of your business travel requirements.

Our clients range from entrepreneurs to small and mid-sized businesses that lack the staff or resources to manage their travel arrangements or formulate travel policies. Recognizing that time is money, Blueberry Travel becomes the solution. While your team could handle flight bookings and reservations, is the cost worth the toll on your staff and the resultant inflated travel budgets? Certainly not. Blueberry Travel significantly lightens the load on travel budgets and in-house resources. Opting for our corporate travel professionals is a strategic choice your company won't regret

our commitment to saving you time and money is what makes us unique. imagine your staff being able to focus their efforts on growing your business instead of having to deal with the hassles of complicated travel plans. as an adjunct to your team, blueberry provides a proactive strategy that anticipates your travel needs and preferences. we place a higher priority on safety than cost-effectiveness, making sure that all industry rules and procedures are followed. blueberry travel reduces the stress associated with travel by making sure your staff members get to their destinations safely

Blueberry distinguishes itself as the corporate travel partner that transforms every trip into a tactical advantage in a world where every detail counts. Choose Blueberry Travel for a corporate travel experience that accurately captures the spirit of your company and goes beyond simple logistics.

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With the combined efforts of all the founders, Blueberry Travel Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2013 and has since expanded significantly to become the most reputable and trustworthy travel company in the world.

Our ability to remain at the forefront of the travel business and provide our clients with the best possible travel experience is a result of a combination of sound financial management, human capital investments, and state-of-the-art technology. We are always searching for fresh and cutting-edge technology solutions to help us speed up and improve the quality of the services we provide to our clients.

In the past ten years, BLUEBERRY TRAVEL has developed services in a variety of specialized sectors and businesses using an inventive approach. As a result, they have become well-known across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East for being among the foremost authorities in travel and tour services. The Blueberry Group's Travel & Tourism segment is revolutionizing the travel sector by offering clients from over 30 countries access to exciting global travel experiences.

The world we live in is changing at a very fast pace. Global tourist business success has always required vision, audacious decision-making, and, as the past several years have shown, flexibility. Blueberry Travel has continuously changed the tourist industry by adopting daring steps, questioning accepted wisdom, and adapting to both client demands and global changes.

Our Vision

Aiming to be the world's preferred travel companion for comfort and assurance when seeing the world's regions. Imagine a society where travel is easy, enjoyable, and available to everybody. That's our goal.

As a business, we take the time to pay attention to, comprehend, and offer distinctive experiences that distinguish us from every one of our rivals.

  • Delivering extraordinary travel experiences that go above and beyond
  • Promoting eco-friendliness and prudent travel methods
  • Building an inclusive and diverse workforce of travel professionals
  • Using state-of-the-art technology to improve the journey experience
  • Establishing a global network of enthusiastic explorers

Our Mission

To surpass the bounds of human capability. We achieve this through delivering amazing travel experiences, increasing the sustainability of our goods and services, assembling a diverse and innovative international staff, and having a positive influence.

We see innovation as a means of maximizing human potential. We are passionate about meeting the needs of travelers and using their insights to design beautiful, functional products that appeal to all. We need to take large risks in order to make big jumps. We won't get to where we want to go quickly enough with incremental change.

Customer Value Proposition of Blueberry Travel

Being the greatest option for travel without concern

  • Devoted to providing a secure and comfortable journey for you.
  • Supplying personalized business travel schedules that are adjusted to your budget and unique requirements.
  • Offering professional counsel and direction on everything from selecting the best travel schedule to preparing for your vacation.

Our Organizational Principles

The foundation of all we do is our values!

By going above and beyond to satisfy our consumers' needs, we surpass expectations. We have faith in our ability to accomplish this because we know that everything is possible if we band together. We use innovation to create fresh, fun travel experiences that our clients will adore.

We cooperate to execute because we are aware that a cohesive team is more powerful than any one person. We play to win because we think that our finest work is produced while we are having fun.

We have the ability to succeed because we have faith in our team to make the best choices to reach our objectives.

Priority: Customers,

We, Blueberry Travel are dedicated to providing a secure and enjoyable travel experience. We think that everyone should be able to enjoy their travels without worrying about the details or the security of their route.

Our extensive service offering is intended to make your trip as easy and stress-free as we can. Together, you and our team of professionals will design a unique business travel itinerary that fits both your needs and your budget..

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Our International Business Travel Goals

Making all travel experiences better, whether it’s through flight products, holidays, car rental, sight sightseeing, or any other service.

We're dedicated to giving our clients the instruments and resources they require to succeed, and we think that business travel should be as pleasurable and productive as possible.

Innovative and Friendly Culture

Serving individual and family travelers in over 20 countries, we draw inspiration from every one of them. Our travel agency is dedicated to fostering an innovative and friendly environment that inspires our customers to travel and establish new relationships.

Our goal is to establish a respectful and understanding atmosphere where each person's distinct abilities and viewpoints are appreciated and honored. We firmly think that everyone should be able to travel, and we go above and above to ensure our customers have the greatest experience.

In the hearts of people

As a tour operator, travel agency, and global travel agency, we think that the key to maximizing the potential of every vacation spot is to pay attention to the distinct voices of each nation, culture, and community.

To make sure we are fulfilling our client's needs and providing the greatest service possible, we ask for feedback from them. Our goal is to fulfill our clients' aspirations of traveling and leave them with enduring memories.

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Started in 2013, BlueBerry Travel Pvt. Ltd. revolutionized the Travel industry like nothing else. Thanks to its founders' unmatched efforts, it is a company you can trust the most.

When anyone thinks about travel, they think about BlueBerry Travel Pvt. Ltd. With the combination of financial stability, investment in people, and cutting-edge technology we have been able to be one of the pioneers of the travel industry. We are always on the lookout for the latest and innovative technological solutions to provide the finest travel experiences to our customers.

The composition of financial stability, ongoing investments in our people, and integration of cutting-edge technology help us remain at the front of the travel industry and deliver exceptional travel experiences to our customers. To make our customers’ experiences better than ever, we are consistent in finding and implementing new and effective technological solutions ensuring that we are available to our customers at every step to fulfill their evolving demands in this dynamic travel landscape

Your travel partner, around the clock

Issues can occur anytime and we know that. That’s why we are always with you 24/7 right at your service. Customers are always the first and foremost priority of BlueBerry Travel. The remarkable services we provide always help us expand throughout the UAE and other 18+ countries. Our customers and the services they get make us one of the leading travel agencies in this dynamic market. For us, customer satisfaction is our biggest priority, which is reflected in the services we provide. Our dedication helps us grow and expand throughout the UAE and other 18+ countries, making us one of the leading travel agencies in the dynamic market

You trusted travel partner, right here at your fingertips

Getting done what needs to be done is the one thing that helps anyone grow. We consistently invest in our personnel, use cutting-edge technology, and maintain a healthy financial position that ensures exceptional services to our clients. We get our employees what they need and they do not leave any stone unturned in getting our customers what they need.

We Simplify Corporate Travel.

At Blueberry Travel, we think business travel ought to be hassle-free. For this reason, we offer a wide range of services to meet your corporate travel needs, including ground transportation, travel insurance, itinerary management, and concierge services in addition to flight and hotel booking

We Simplify Business Travel. Our knowledgeable corporate travel consultants are aware of the opportunities and difficulties that come with traveling for business. We can collaborate closely with your company to create a travel policy that is especially catered to their requirements and financial constraints, put it into effect efficiently, and oversee it as needed.

Organizational Snapshot

  • Worked with success in the following countries: Congo, Uganda, Angola, Djibouti, Namibia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, India, Central African Republic, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, DRC, Togo, Tanzania, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • IATA accreditation in over fifteen nations.
  • Tailored to satisfy the different demands of our customer base, we provide a variety of travel options, including business, leisure, government, corporate, adventure, group, M.I.C.E., holiday packages, spa and wellness, shopping trips, car rental, sports, and more.
  • With over 20 years of industry experience overall, a decade of profitable business operations, and more than 5 years of specialized experience as an general sales agent (SA), Blueberry has a strong track record in the travel industry.
  • Blueberry has established a robust network of ties in the travel sector, encompassing partnerships, corporate clients, and travel agents. Our broad network, which includes more than 500 B2B agents and more than 5000 corporate customers, puts us in a strong position to market and sell airline goods and services.
  • A group of seasoned experts committed to creating and providing a great user experience in the travel sector and related services back Blueberry.
  • Procedures for trip authorization and reporting for expenditure management have been updated.
  • Redesigned travel authorization procedures and expense management reporting

Additional Value Services

  • In addition: The team's deep understanding of airline products worldwide.
  • Create all-inclusive travel packages for trips both in and out. The UAE team designs vacation packages for a variety of locations for leisure travelers. Effectively overseeing airport activities
  • Ensure continuous assistance for airline consumers by being available around the clock.
  • Customers of various nationalities can receive individualized services from our multicultural team.
  • Our staff uses cutting-edge technologies to guarantee creative and effective airline marketing for contemporary consumer interaction.
  • We give eco-friendly procedures top priority, in line with travelers' growing environmental consciousness.
  • Assist neighborhood projects and nonprofits, placing a strong emphasis on fostering relationships and social responsibility in our work.