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Unique and cost-effective travel Experiences especially for college students. Yes, Blueberry Travel offers anything from low-cost backpacking excursions to luxurious cultural immersion programs for university travel, so whether your goal is to simply have fun with friends or explore a new nation, Blueberry Travel has the ideal vacation plan.

When you travel with Blueberry Travel, you're joining an amazing network of like-minded college students who are ready to explore more of this enormous world, rather than just going on a typical vacation. You will create enduring memories, form enduring connections, and share your experiences that you will carry with you long after you return to college.
Are you prepared for a remarkable adventure? Make an appointment with Blueberry Travel right away, and let us help you have an unforgettable college experience. Together, we may explore, acquire knowledge, and develop – the journey begins with Blueberry Travel!

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Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service commitment is unflinching: from the moment you express an interest in one of our college student travel adventures until after your journey has concluded, our team of dedicated experts is on hand to guide, assist, and support you every step along the way.

Personalized Assistance: At Blueberry Travel, we recognize that no two travelers have identical travel needs or preferences; that is why our travel consultants take time to gain in-depth knowledge of you and create the ideal itinerary just for you.

24/7 Assistance: University Traveling can be challenging; that is why we provide round-the-clock support to give you peace of mind during your new adventure.

Improvement and Feedback: At Blueberry Travel, we consider customer feedback to be an important part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with better services. Your feedback helps us improve our services so that we consistently meet and exceed expectations!

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Save money on travel with Blueberry Travel

Our solutions help you reduce the amount you spend on travel while enhancing worker safety and efficiency, freeing you up to concentrate on expanding your company.

You will always save money when you travel, even on infrequent occasions, because we have exclusive pricing with hotels, airlines, and car rental companies on behalf of our small business clients!


Faculty & Staff

Our goal at Blueberry Travel is to provide administrative and educational professionals with smooth travel experiences that are in line with their professional development requirements and academic schedules.



We share your passion for athletics and fitness. Giving university teams and individual athletes a competitive edge in everything from athlete housing to tournament management, we cover it all in University Travel.


Study Abroad

Journeying abroad has the potential to transform one's life. Our study abroad programs provide students the chance to experience both cultural immersion and academic achievement!


Health Science Centers

When they are committed to expanding healthcare knowledge, researchers, educators, and students must meet certain needs.


Recreational Sports

For the energetic individual seeking adventure, our recreational sports vacation packages offer thrilling adventure, excitement, and a break from daily routine.

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