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How do you feel sitting in the fully energetic stadium, cheering on your favorite team, and creating memories for a lifetime?

Blueberry Travels understands that sports travel is more than just attending your favorite game. It’s about the ultimate experience of being there and applauding for your team.

Coverage to Major Sports Events

Our dedicated travel staff is dedicated to managing the complex travel needs of teams, elite athletes, personnel, and equipment. We offer professional event management and planning services to inspire and encourage your stakeholders and employees.

With over 25 years of combined expertise in travel and event planning, we use this experience to provide innovative, and affordable solutions that will tackle any logistical issue with efficiency, simplicity, and particular attention to detail.

    Essential features:

  • Central communication point for all reservations
  • There are sporting consultants available
  • On-site travel desk and logistical assistance
  • Synchronized timetables for flights
  • Centrally controlled rooming arrangements
  • Tool for registering for events

Going The Extra Mile for Your Comfort

We are dedicated to making our customers happy. To make sure that our clients have a great experience from beginning to end, we go above and beyond.

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Sports and Tourism

Sports and Tourism are the pillars of the growth and economic development of
tourism spots. These two greatly affect the socio-economic sector of the societies.

Why Choose Blueberry Travel as Your Sports Tourism Partner?

Unmatched Knowledge: Our group of enthusiastic travel experts is well-versed in
both domestic and international athletic events and locations. We'll create a
customized schedule that precisely fits your preferences for activity level, price
range, and hobbies. Seamless Logistics: We take care of all the arrangements, from
ground transportation and activity reservations to flights and lodging, to guarantee a
stress-free and pleasurable trip. Enjoy VIP treatment, including behind-the-scenes tours, meet-and-greets with
athletes, and special access to pre-game activities, to make your vacation
genuinely unforgettable. Unwavering Commitment: At every stage of your journey, we're committed to
giving you outstanding service and going above and beyond your expectations.
Your doorway to a world of incredible sporting experiences is Blueberry Travel. Let us ignite your passion, fuel your competitive spirit, and create memories that
will last a lifetime. Contact us today and let us turn your sports tourism dreams into reality!

Don't just take our word for it!

Group Travel

Whether you're traveling for business or combat, training camp attendance, or corporate hospitality, our all-inclusive corporate and group travel packages offer the logistical support needed to ensure a seamless event.
When traveling in groups, sports groups have unique travel needs. We take advantage of our excellent global supplier relationships to achieve flexible terms and discounted group rates for them. Because of our experience and knowledge, your group will reach its destination securely and be ready to go on time!

    Key Features:

  • Round-the-clock assistance
  • Post-trip reconciliation and real-time financial reporting
  • Monitoring, security, and emergency preparation
  • Private train and air charter Transportation of team equipment
  • Safely assign a floor plan
  • Individualized catering and private dining
  • Complete diligence and assistance in the local language

Sports Concierge Tour

If you are looking for a concierge service that specializes in high-profile athletes and caters to their unique needs, then it is the right place for you. At Blueberry Travel, we take great satisfaction in providing top-notch services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes and business travelers, anticipating and going above and beyond their unique requirements.
With our global customer portfolio and international presence, we understand the complex needs of high-profile professionals worldwide.

    Key Features:

  • Car transfers
  • Private charter flights
  • Airport assistance
  • Full concierge service
  • High level of discretion
  • Private security clearance
  • Meet and greet

Sports Travel Technology

With our easy-to-use mobile booking tools, group logistics management, real-time passenger tracking, and reporting, we take the stress out of sports travel. You can now focus on your game as a result.

Our clients have access to award-winning, proprietary travel management systems from Blueberry Travel, which provide you and your teams with trustworthy, personable, and easy-to-use pre-, during-, and post-trip travel experiences.
You have total control and convenience since all of our travel resources are combined into a single online travel portal that you can use at any time from any web-enabled mobile device.

Sustainable Travel Initiatives

We recognize that the sports industry is leading the charge in the fight against climate change, and we have several initiatives to support your strategy. We do not believe that consultation on sustainability should be done in isolation. Instead, our environmentally friendly solutions are fully integrated into our products, systems, and services.

We encourage sustainability by regularly offering webinars and seminars to sports organizations about how to incorporate eco-friendly travel into their daily operations. We also have a positive influence on environmental policy by giving our clients the means and means to reduce their carbon footprints.

Blueberry Travel is happy to reduce the environmental effect of business travel and contribute to the long-term sustainability of our planet by putting sustainable travel concepts into practice.

Managing and Reporting Risks

The traveler tracking tool from Blueberry Travel gives you peace of mind while your team is on the go by allowing you to monitor and stay in touch with them. It offers real-time itinerary status updates along with SMS and email communication to let you know about any delays or missed connections.

Pre-trip approval is a cutting-edge, smartphone-friendly solution that makes it easier for travelers to manage their finances and safety by allowing them to obtain permission before making travel arrangements.

Our worldwide risk assessment tool warns travelers and travel managers of potential hazards both before and during the trip, ensuring their safety in the event of unforeseen circumstances. When something goes wrong, it sends out emergency SMS or email communications.

Our state-of-the-art travel reporting software provides a comprehensive overview of your trip budget, accounting for every aspect. Proactive analysis of travel trends and best practices that could help you save money on travel arrangements is provided by your personal account manager.

Our solutions offer complete transparency into all travel costs, including lodging, airfare, ground transportation, and any additional fees related to each trip, making it simple to reconcile travel spending on desktops and mobile devices.

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