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One of the top companies offering event travel management services is Blueberry Travels. providing clients with all-inclusive support services, such as on-site assistance and trip planning, to enable them to plan and carry out successful events.

Together, you and our knowledgeable event travel specialists will create a personalized travel itinerary that is suited to your guests' requirements and financial constraints.

We arrange for flights, lodging, and ground transportation on their behalf. We can also handle all necessary logistics and provide on-site assistance during events to guarantee a flawless event and an unforgettable experience for guests!

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Obtain a Cost-Effective Event Management Partner

We handle everything that has an impact on you, including your spending plan! Organizing an event may be difficult, particularly if money is tight. But don't worry, we're always available to serve as your go-to partner for event management, helping you to plan a memorable business gathering that won't break the budget.

Whether you're organizing a big corporate event or a small business meeting, we can assist you with every step of the planning process, from transportation and food to budgeting and venue selection. Our group of skilled event coordinators is adept at coming up with innovative yet economical ideas to ensure the success of your event.

Event Management for Businesses

With our global connections to the travel industry, which include hotels, airlines, car rental, and transport providers, local DMCCs, and regional authorities, Blueberry Travel assists in transforming your company into an incredible venue for achieving your goals

You can have smoother travel and pleasure with the help of our tour business. We also help every meeting, conference, new product launch, or other event leave a memorable impact.

    Important characteristics

  • Locating both local and international locations
  • Total preparation for an event
  • Organizing events
  • On-site event management and brand experience activations
  • Pharmaceutical compliance in event management
  • Provision of inbound destination management services
  • Authority over funds and the budget
  • Making reservations and overseeing accommodations
  • Oversight of catering
  • Assessment before and after the occurrence
  • Meetings rescheduled

Group Journey

We are experts in fulfilling the travel requirements of big groups, offering sophisticated logistical support and cheap airfares, along with group check-in options for groups or more than just groups.

Our staff oversees inbound and outbound group travel programs as part of our worldwide network of group travel services, guaranteeing our clients' comfort, efficiency, and consistency.

    Important characteristics:

  • Get discounted tickets for group flights (which include payment plans, flexibility with scheduling, and the free return of unused seats).
  • Registering your group in accordance with your needs
  • Pre-approved rates: manage your spending
  • savings on bulk reservations - affordable rates for your guests
  • Coordination of transfers that are both economical and easy
  • For in-depth flight research, policy and route studies
  • Travel desk on-site
  • Every program is supported seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Delegate management

Our integrated travel and event technology keeps your attendees linked for the whole event, from registration to post-event reviews.

Our cutting-edge tools provide optimal efficiency, safety, and engagement from the very first communication to the very last farewell, guaranteeing your staff is highly productive and driven for the duration of the event.

    Key Features:

  • Customized registration and website technologies for your brand
  • Integration of transport technologies with blueberries
  • Transfer the experience from start to finish.
  • Delegates can register online
  • Secure online payment collection
  • Assisting presenters and overseeing abstracts
  • Organizing, overseeing, and monitoring an event
  • Management of accommodation bookings
  • Managing sponsorships and exhibitions
  • Matching meetings
  • Delegate onsite app
  • Polling during live sessions, session scoring, and survey administration

Incentive travel

One of Blueberry Travel's specializations is offering event management and incentive travel experiences that excite and motivate employees and clients.

As a provider of strategic performance and results-driven incentive programmes, we create initiatives that foster relationships among participants and optimize outcomes. There are numerous incentive programmes available, ranging from weekend activities that complement your corporate social responsibility plan to global team-building experiences, all catered to your budget and business goals.

Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP)

Blueberry Travel possesses vast experience in both event travel management and strategic meeting management, namely in the areas of travel and meeting consolidation for the Strategic Meetings Management Programme (SMMP).

With a Strategic Meetings Management Programme, supplier negotiations may be greatly improved, savings can be increased, spending can be consolidated and leveraged, and risk can be reduced.

    Key Features:

  • Get an updated event strategy
  • Choosing the right venue
  • Reporting and consolidation
  • ROI Tracking
  • Personalized event theme creation
  • Event materials design and production
  • Speaker support
  • Advice on message delivery
  • Audience response systems
  • Interactive debates

Event Technology

We provide a full range of event travel management, such as agenda management, social media interaction, travel reservations, event registration, and budget control, to ensure a seamless and effective execution of your event.

You can guarantee that your event's theme and message are understood by your guests and encourage maximum engagement with them by using our event applications. Paper invitations and agendas are to be retired!

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Serving with Extras

Venue Selection

Let our staff assist with finding a venue suitable to your budget, size requirements, and location preferences for your special event.


We collaborate closely with you to create a menu that suits your requirements and price range, whether it be for a buffet-style dinner or a cocktail reception. Additionally, catering provides a range of catering services, including cocktail receptions, buffet-style meals, and transportation for all of your guests, including shuttle bus and airport transfers.

On-Site Expertise

We can provide on-site support for your event, such as registration, check-in, concierge services, or transportation help, to ensure everything goes well and your visitors have a fantastic time.

Budgeting and Planning for Events

Our professionals can collaborate with you to create an event schedule and budget that meets your needs while also providing guidance and recommendations for ways to save expenses.

Event Check-in and Registration Services

At Blueberry Travel, we specialize in event registration and check-in services, so your event runs seamlessly while delivering attendees a pleasurable experience.

Your Tour Guide

We provide concierge services upon request, including making dinner reservations, scheduling spa treatments, and planning excursions and events for your visitors.

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