Small Business Solutions with Blueberry Travel

Small business operators are aware that every second matters. Your travel program needs to be planned and optimized to maximize savings and efficiency without requiring time for in-person reporting sessions or in-depth strategy discussions

We are here to help with the best and most tailored travel management solutions specifically for small and growing businesses. Provide personalized advice that helps businesses optimize their travel budgets and improve their efficiency.

We know how start-ups suffer when it comes to pocket-friendly alternatives during travel, but at Blueberry Travel, we never judge you by the size of your business but provide you with the best we have

Don't just take our word for it!

Save Money on Travel with Blueberry Travel

Now save on your travel budget! Yes, Blueberry Travel gives solutions that enable saving while traveling. The goal is to improve efficiency and safety for your traveling workforce, letting you focus on growing your business.

We have negotiated exclusive rates with airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies on behalf of our small business clients. Which gives you a chance to save money on your travel budget.

Concierge Services

When traveling abroad, our team can arrange restaurant reservations, tour bookings and lost luggage assistance services as needed.

Planning Your Itinerary

Our travel experts can create an itinerary tailored to your interests, budget and time constraints for a truly custom experience.

Visa and Passport

In addition to arranging packages and tickets, we will help coordinate visas and passports necessary for international travel..

Valuable Travel Management Solutions

Small businesses should look for a travel management partner who can help them reduce travel expenses without sacrificing quality or service since they know how important every dollar is

Travel Risk Management: Our Company can collaborate with your organization to create a plan that will protect employees when they travel overseas. Among the many components of such plans are travel insurance policies, alert notifications, and security training.

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